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A Moreninha, Lda has focused in the food business since 1936. We are a national company that for over 80 years has greatly contributed to the nutrition, health and well-being of the Portuguese population, always striving for the safety and quality of its products. With a wide range of exclusive products and recipes, A Moreninha, Lda remains faithful to its ethical and quality principles. Our success is closely linked to our employees who with great respect and dignity in the performance of their duties add value to our business every day. We follow all our methodology with creativity and innovation, without jeopardizing the company's origin and tradition.



"Since 1936 we have been producing and developing quality food products with the aim of contributing to the nutrition, health and well-being of the population." 




Improve and enhance the quality and reliability of our products each day, as part of a healthy diet, good nutrition, quality of life and balance to our consumers. 

Develop the best distribution network of our products, always respecting the highest quality standards. Ensure a serious and responsible communication with our customers and consumers, providing them with credible and reliable information, always respecting their choice.



We uphold the highest professional standards. We know that our success is closely linked to our employees and that is why we retain and keep on improving our professional qualifications. We establish a trustworthy relationship with our employees who have a longevity bond with A Moreninha, Lda. We value a multidisciplinary culture and teamwork, recognizing the individual and collective importance of each one of us. We stand by accident prevention, disease care, flexibility in responding to individual needs to balance work, family and personal life. 



Partnership and trust relationships are the guarantee of quality and safety. We value all suppliers in a careful and individualized way. We always exert ourselves for national quality, so we prioritize Portuguese suppliers. Many of them have been with us for several years.

Creativity and Innovation


We recognize that creativity and innovation are the key to achieving our goals in a competitive market. We stand by this principle without compromising the origin and tradition of A Moreninha, Lda.



We consider environmental sustainability a serious issue. 

Thus, our commitment is a constant search for the best practices that respect the environment. We emphasize the efficient use of natural resources and highlight renewable techniques. We have an agreement with Sociedade Ponto Verde.

Social responsibility


We believe in growing in a fair just society. 

With that in mind, we want to participate in initiatives aimed at the community, culture, education and environment, with actions dedicated to topics such as healthy nutrition with disadvantaged children, water conservation or rural development. We believe in promoting a healthy lifestyle by caring for nutrition and practicing physical activity. We stand by the importance of intergenerational relations (grandparents and grandchildren), in the transmission of knowledge and values, in the preservation of tradition. We consider fundamental supporting the development of traditional trade in regards of preserving the national traditions.



A Moreninha, Lda. is a national company with a vast portfolio of food products: flours and oats; spices; nuts and snacks; dessert and sugar confectionery; infusions, coffee and powder cocoa and chocolate. The way we reconcile tradition with modernity is noticeable by the longevity of one of its iconic products: Farinha 33, which celebrates 80 years in 2018! 

While we are preparing the site to serve you better, we look forward to receiving  your orders through the following contacts:

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Fax: +351 218 868 529



Rua Salgueiro Maia, nº22,

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Telf: +351 218 865 597

Fax: +351 218 868 529